From confusion to clarity

Software architecture and development, agile coaching and training.

We approach tough problems by reframing them until the solutions become clear. Experiments and a deep understanding of the open source ecosystem guide our creative work.

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“stunning aptitude”

“Henri has a stunning aptitude for and understanding of public transport models, data and conundrums. He also has excellent insight into sensible solutions in varied situations. What makes him special as a hard-core expert is how clearly and understandably he can discuss these complex topics with anyone. All in all, it's a pleasure to work with Henri!”

Ossi Berg portrait
Ossi Berg
Head of Unit, Data and Analytics Platform
HSL Helsinki Region Transport

“people-first attitude”

“Henri helped me turn a complex and vague geospatial software project into a clear and valuable one. In our coaching sessions, he was able to point out what to focus on in my technical skills and development workflow to achieve better results with less stress and hassle. What I like most about Henri is his hands-on, empathetic, people-first attitude towards software development.”

Arttu Kosonen portrait
Arttu Kosonen
Transit Data & Analytics Architect
HSL Helsinki Region Transport

“solid full-stack solutions”

“Henri is a team player who carefully listens to stakeholders' viewpoints as he builds solid full-stack solutions. We are impressed by how phenomenally he considers the non-functional requirements such as product lifecycle and security when he connects business needs with technical details. When he leads the agile process, we always know what to focus on.”

Roope Ahola portrait
Roope Ahola
Solution Architect & Product Manager
Waltti Solutions

“always a pleasure”

“Working with Henri is always a pleasure. He's a true professional in agile software development and real-time information systems. Highly recommended!

Missing portrait
Teemu Laaksonen
Product Owner
HSL Helsinki Region Transport

“The results exceeded our initial hopes.”

“We made an excellent choice with Mistmap. We enjoyed how the agile methods were applied, how the project stayed on schedule and how the meetings were facilitated. Great communication. The results exceeded our initial hopes.

Missing portrait
Aapo Rista
ICT Specialist
Forum Virium Helsinki